Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hans Riemer Tours Proposed Road

TAME toured Hans Riemer, Montgomery Co. Councilmember At-Large, to three different sites along proposed M-83 showing the damaging impact it would have to neighborhoods and the environment.  Standing on what would be the right-of-way for M-83, Hans Riemer, along with Jim Hall and Gale Quist of Dayspring Church, view a McDOT map of the proposed 9A alignment which would destroy Dayspring Creek.  The creek borders North Germantown-Greenway Parkland where Alternatives 8 and 9 are drawn.  Councilmember Riemer continued the tour through Montgomery Village and saw how the proposed six-lane highway would slice through established neighborhoods, increase traffic congestion at certain intersections, and remove portions of ball fields at an elementary school.

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