Thursday, December 8, 2011

Voices of TAME: Dayspring Silent Retreat

For over 50 years retreatants from all over the world have spent time weekly at Dayspring Silent Retreat Center, reconnecting with the natural world and its creator.  Dayspring has been on record as opposed to the planned extension of mid-county highway (M83) since the idea first arose in the 1960's.  We deeply grieve the threat that such a road would pose to our silent retreat ministry as well as to some of the last remaining stream valleys, wetlands, and forests in the eastern portions of the Germantown greenbelt and the wildlife who depend on that habitat. 

All these concerns of ours are as valid now as they ever were, but today there is a concern that affects all of us and that must be addressed -- global climate change.  There is no way that any transportation plan will achieve the goal of significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions unless it creates a highly useable, far-reaching, and attractive system of public transit.

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