Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Voices of TAME: Heron's Cove Condominium

With concern, I am writing on behalf of the Heron's Cove Condominium community which is located in Montgomery Village and bordered by Watkins Mill Road, Montgomery Village Avenue and Stedwick Road.  Our property includes four hundred and six garden style units and is home to more than nine hundred residents.  In the best interest of all our owners and residents, the Board of Directors of Heron's Cove Condominium extend our opposition to Alternative 8 and 9 of the Mid-County Corridor Study (i.e., the construction of M-83, the proposed extension of Mid-County Highway from Montgomery Village Avenue or from Watkins Mill Road to Rte. 27).

Should Alternatives 8 or 9 move forward, it will disrupt the quality of life for a significant number of residents.  Due to noise and air pollution these expansive roadways would negatively impact property values, impose a terrible burden not only on residential communities but also on schools and our children, parklands, and religious institutions.  We therefore support The Coalition for Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended.  We share your commitment in exploring mass transit service and other steps in Montgomery County that will help preserve quality of life as well as protect parklands and other natural areas that provide tranquility and beauty.

We appreciate your ongoing efforts to educate those who would be adversely affected as well as your perseverance in seeking and promoting options that are more reasonable, respectful and less intrusive.


Paula Waldt, President
Board of Directors
Heron's Cove Condominium

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