Monday, January 2, 2012

Greeting the New Year with Action

This white pine tree line will be replaced with a highway lane if M-83 is built.  Home owners of Watkins Meadow Coalition in Germantown live here and have joined TAME to voice their opposition to the road.
TAME's new year begins with a busy January schedule to continue sounding the call for transit alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended, another proposed 6-lane highway whose time and relevance have long past. 

Maryland state legislators are meeting with TAME this week before heading to Annapolis for the 2012 general session.  Local officials are scheduled for tours to stand at "ground zero" where M-83 alignments are proposed.  More home/condo associations, civic and business groups, and conservationists are also on the calendar this month for collaboration. 

TAME's Advisory Board will be unveiling the plan of action for 2012 later this month.  Keep watch with us.

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  1. In northern Wisconsin, white pine is the king of the old growth forests. This was the tree that was logged after the United States Fast Growing Tree Nursery