Friday, January 20, 2012

Voices of TAME: Sierra Club of Montgomery County

Sierra Club of Montgomery County has joined the TAME Coalition in support of replacing planned alignments for M-83 with multiple, less invasive, and viable transportation options along the eastern corridor of Germantown and Gaithersburg. Sierra Club believes that the wrong place to develop any road is through pristine forests and wetlands.  Alternative transit options need to be carried out for Maryland's near future and long-term vision.  The County's plans for bus rapid transit and the State's plans for improved MARC service would move more people for less money and with greatly reduced environmental impact.

In a recent MC Sierra Club newsletter, the County's Department of Transportation is trying to revive plans for a four to six lane extension of the Midcounty Highway (M-83), which would cross at least 50 acres of forest as well as numerous wetlands and tributaries of the Great Seneca Creek and Dayspring Creek valleys, threatening rare plants, bird nesting, and trout breeding. It would also disrupt local neighborhoods and schools as well as the Dayspring Church Silent Retreat Center. Its destruction would cross Seneca Creek State Park, destroy Wildcat Road (an official Rustic Road) and penetrate the Sole Source Aquifer.

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