Monday, January 23, 2012

McDOT Watch - Re-Routing M-83 thru Goshen/Brink Rds.

MCDOT is planning to reroute the M-83, a four- to six-lane mega-highway, through Goshen, Wightman and Brink roads.  This M-83 mega-highway will destroy our community. Highways are built to take the traffic out of communities, but this mega-highway will bring traffic into our community, eventually destroying our area.

Our areas in Goshen are rich in history. It took six years of work by the Goshen Historical Preservation Society and the Greater Goshen Civic Association to have the Montgomery County Council recognize [some of these] houses as being historical and being placed on the historical atlas.

When the Department of Transportation went to Potomac to widen Falls Road, the people of Potomac got together, hired their lawyers, and shut the DOT out of their communities.

We are asking that the residents of Goshen make their voices heard. Please send letters to the County Council, the DOT, the Planning Board and the county executive saying that we will not accept this highway.

Excerpt from
Gazette.Net - May 11, 2011

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