Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McDOT Watch - Replacing Homes & Green Space with a 6-Lane Highway

Question: What and Who will be the first casualty if McDOT is allowed to extend the existing Mid-County Highway across Montgomery Village Avenue?

 Standing in the median strip of Mid-County Highway (M-83) looking north. Extending M-83 would cross the intersection of Montgomery Village Ave and lie between Christopher Ct (on L) and Normandi II (on R).
Answer: 68 parking spaces for Christopher Court Condominiums Corp; and the entire western green space of Normandie II on the Lake Condominiums. 

Standing in the parking lot of Christopher Ct and looking at Normandi II Condos.
McDOT is trying to squeeze M-83's 109 ft-wide 6-lane highway into this space.
It doesn't fit. 
That's why Christopher Court and Normandie II are supporters of TAME Coalition, joining their voices with the growing list of organizations and individuals opposing extending M-83, a highway whose time is past.

There is a better way to provide transit for all - not by building another highway, but by offering a variety of transportation alternatives.

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