Friday, June 29, 2012

Silent retreat center "squarely in the path of M-83"

Dayspring Creek is pictured in the June E-newsletter of Conservation MontgomeryOfficially named for its path through the Dayspring Silent Retreat Center, the creek forms a border to this area landmark and nature preserve in Germantown.  Opened in 1953, Dayspring Silent Retreat Center has become an established haven for people and wildlife, offering quiet and spirituality that draws people from around the world.  It is also located squarely in the path of M-83 

The Dayspring Creek stream valley and the nearby Seneca Creek stream valley are considered high-biodiversity areas. The proposed road would irreversibly destroy the natural habitat within and around the 210-acre property area, effectively eliminating the silent setting of the retreat center. 
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There is a better way to address the county's transportation needs.

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