Thursday, July 12, 2012

Voices of TAME: Delegate Shane Robinson, MD Dist 39

Maryland Delegate Shane Robinson (District 39) opposes building Mid-County Highway Extended (M-83).

"We face modern transportation challenges in Montgomery County, yet we consider implementing M-83 which is a decades-old solution.  Rather than follow a dated model of more and more roads, we need to focus on implementing alternative forms of transportation that reduce traffic and are less damaging to our environment.

"Let's not divide Montgomery Village, a well-established community, or cut through people's yards in Goshen, or plow through Seneca Creek and its surrounding forests and wetlands.  Instead, let's fund public transit alternatives, such as the Corridor Cities Transitway and the Rapid Transit Vehicle system.  Let's consider modern solutions to our transportation challenges.  It's past time to remove M-83 from the county's master plans. It's high time we think about transportation differently."

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