Sunday, October 7, 2012

McDOT Watch - Action Alert to Stop TPAR

Take Action by October 15

TAME Coalition attended the County's Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) committee (see page 6 of the report) on Monday, October 8th. The TPAR proposal (starting on page 40) was there presented which would give McDOT free rein of monies to accelerate the building of M-83.  The County Council rejected this proposal two years ago.  A vote will be taken next Monday, October 15th.  Before then, our collective voice can encourage them to reject it again

We are calling for emails to the county council members listed below, asking them to Reject TPAR and do not build M-83. That's all you have to write.  

1) Cut-and-paste these names into your email:,,,,,,,,,, 
2) Subject Line: Reject TPAR
3) Message: Reject TPAR and do not build M-83. If you wish, add more commentary to your email describing the destructive effects M-83 will have on your personal life, your neighborhood, your property and on the natural world.
4) Sign your name and address

For summary details on the effect of the proposed TPAR (Transportation Policy Area Review), read the testimony from TAME's supporter, Action Committee on Transit, or this article from Greater Greater Washington.  Many groups like these are fighting for the elimination of M-83Collectively, our voices are having a tremendous impact! 

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