Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"NO M-83" Walk #3 - An Inconvenient Truth

"No M-83" Walk #3 from Watkins Mill Elementary School to Great Seneca Creek
Saturday June 29, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM EDT
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(park at) Watkins Mill Elementary School
19001 Watkins Mill Rd.
Montgomery Village, MD 20886
Driving Directions

Come witness the inconvenient truth about building Mid-County Highway Extended (M-83) in your neighborhood.

Take an informative two hour hike with us, round-trip, to see where the inconceivably proposed M-83 (six-lane highway) is designed to be built:
  • Crossing Watkins Mill Rd. adjacent to Watkins Mill Elementary School
  • Replacing Blohm Nature Park with a 6-lane highway
  • Severing properties in the Clusters and Ridges of Stedwick Homes Corp
  • Bisecting Seneca-Whetstone HOA
  • Eliminating portions of Seneca Creek Greenway Trail 
  • Blanketing wetlands and mature forests of S.C. G. Trail with bridges and pavement
The TAME Coalition is made up of 44 organizations which cover HOAs, elected officials, faith communities, political action affiliates, and environmental groups.  We are acting to halt the proposed 6-lane M-83 Highway through Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg and Germantown.

Come join us on the "NO M-83" Walk.  Drop-ins are welcome. Walks along your area are scheduled every month.

Wallace E. Garthright
Stedwick Homes Corp and TAME Coalition

Join Us by adding your voice to our community effort to eliminate M-83 from the Master Plan of Highways! We hope to see you on a "NO M-83" Walk.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bus Rapid Transit: More Relevant than M-83

"The comprehensive rapid transit system will provide improved mobility for its riders, will improve the county's quality of life, will stimulate economic development in the County, and will improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, and reduce energy consumption." -- The Montgomery County Transit Task Force

TAME Coalition stands behind these aims of the Montgomery County Transit Task Force.  Developing our county's mass transit system will do more to ensure sustainable quality of life for our ecosystem, and its inhabitants, than building another road designed for car travel will ever do.

The Bus Rapid Transit Amendment to the Montgomery Co. Master Plan of Highways includes the following goals:
  • Provide a transit system in appropriate areas of the County that is a viable alternative to single-occupant travel.
  • Make BRT a preferred mode of choice by creating a network that increases reliability, minimizes delay, and compares favorably to driving times during peak periods.
BRT is similar to light rail operations, but runs buses on county roads.  Upcounty will be served by BRT  running on Rt 355.  This route will be a key component in the development of mass transit corridors that will reduce car traffic from Clarksburg, south. Its rapid creation and implementation would render the building of M-83 unnecessary, protecting our forests, wetlands and neighborhoods from destruction and dissection.  

Proposed BRT Route Map

Transit Corridor Network Map
The Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan will recommend rights-of-way for individual transit corridors to accommodate bus lanes and station locations for the proposed transit network.  
Join Us by adding your voice to our community effort to eliminate M-83 from the Master Plan of Highways! Support implementing Bus Rapid Transit as one of multiple transportation systems to replace M-83.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Editorial to the Planning Board

To Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commissioners:

The Coalition for Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended (TAME) is a unified coalition of 44 organizations made up of HOAs, elected officials, faith communities, environmental groups and political action groups.  We want Montgomery County to restore balance to our transportation systems, making public transit a priority by developing the CCT, BRT, Purple Line and full service MARC Train.  We petition to accelerate road improvements and proposed transit projects rather than building new highways.

McDOT just finished a nine-year study on the Mid-county Corridor Study and their 250+ page Draft Environmental Effects Report has only 1 1/3 pages (p.228-229) addressing transit as a transportation alternative.  If the County is going to study a road to Clarksburg, there should be an equally in-depth study on transit alternatives to Clarksburg, the upper county, and the eastern side of the county.

Montgomery County absolutely must study and include BRT as an extension to Clarksburg: traveling along Rt. 355, through Clarksburg's neighborhoods, and along existing roads east of Germantown.  Since the county is spending millions studying a road to Clarksburg, we need to study transit to Clarksburg NOW in anticipation of ridership in 2020 and 2030.  Transit can no longer be simply an "add-on" after Master Plans are sealed, if we are to have good smart growth for our county's future.

Prioritize transit alternatives over roads and start demanding that  transit studies be as extensive in scope as the out-dated and environmentally destructive Mid-County Highway Extended (M-83).  It's time for transit to serve the upper county, Clarksburg and the I-270 Tech Corridor in 21st-century Bus Rapid Transit systems.

We strongly encourage you to lead in this monumental transportation transition for the future of MoCo by choosing BRT over more roads.

TAME Coalition

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